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Colombian artist born in Cali, 1952. Studies: 1974 Bachelor of Fine Arts College of New Rochelle, New York 1977, Master of Fine Arts Pratt Institute, New York.

Alicia Barney has worked with the landscape and in the landscape. Basically to draw attention to its dramatic properties, its tragedy, the pillage and its extinction. The Cauca River, often painted by Zamora was subject of her stirring study, that evidenced its degradation and dying conditions. Yumbo, our productive industrial zone, worked on by Rendón, was also the place of her project on pollution. This exhibition is closed by her death landscapes, exemplified by beach garbage (Bocagrande)(Big-mouth), dry jungle leaves and different decomposed elements, like a materialization of landscape art that not only is directed to our sight, that also gambles sharply to our consciousness.


1995 Miguel Gonzáles

Text for “Comportamiento del paisaje VII Festival Internacional de Arte de Cali”

(Aproaches to landscape in the VII International Art Festival in Cali)

Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia

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